Artist Collab --- Sarah Waithe

Artist Collab --- Sarah Waithe

In collaboration with Sarah Waithe, Islamic Relief Canada created a capsule collection to celebrate the talent of Black Muslim artists in our community. 

Sarah Waithe (she/her) is Toronto based artist and researcher, and a second-generation Canadian whose roots are from Morocco and Trinidad. This collection showcases her artwork, communicating topics related to her Black and Muslim identity, belonging, community, and love. She also uses art as a way to reconnect to her parents' culture and homeland. 

“This painting honors and acknowledges my Maghrebi identity and culture. I chose to represent the vibrant people of Morocco by incorporating a mosaic of bold colours, shapes, and repetitions. In configuring this image, the figures are combined together to represent a sense of unity, joy, and community that is a hallmark of Moroccan culture and identity. This painting is also a celebration of my indigenous Amazigh identity and emphasizes the idea of freedom and liberation.”

All proceeds from this capsule collection sales will be donated to the  Black Muslim Youth Beyond Success project from the Jane Finch Community and Family Centre. This project provides mentorship opportunities and support to marginalized back Muslim youth by connecting them with outreach workers and mentors. 



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