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Islamic Relief Canada

Unity Tote Bag

Unity Tote Bag

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In collaboration with Sarah Waithe (she/her), a second-generation Canadian whose roots are from Morocco and Trinidad, Islamic Relief Canada created a capsule collection to celebrate Black Canadian Muslims in our community.  

“This image is a celebration of my own Black and Caribbean heritage and identity. I chose to use bold and expressionist techniques to make a statement of my own existence as a Black Muslim and speak to the existence and resilience of the Black Muslim communities across North America. Within this image, there are various iconic Black liberation symbols and phrases, in addition to various cultural symbols from an assortment of African countries within the diaspora.”

  • 15”x15” screen printed tote bag.
  • 100% cotton

All proceeds from this capsule collection sales will be donated to the  Black Muslim Youth Beyond Success project from the Jane Finch Community and Family Centre. This project provides mentorship opportunities and support to marginalized back Muslim youth by connecting them with outreach workers and mentors.

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