Sunbula was created during the first Palestinian Intifada, a modest craft shop in 1988 that evolved and became what it is today. As a Jerusalem based fair trade non-profit, they hope to support marginalized communities and women in the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and Palestinians throughout Israel. Palestinian artisanal crafts are some of the most unique pieces in the world, a transmission of art, culture and centuries of history.


Sunbula believes in empowerment through culture and tradition, supporting Palestinian women and marginalized communities by the means of economic independence. Through beautiful Palestinian traditional crafts and artisanal products, they have found a pathway for Palestinians to better support themselves and their families.  


Every purchase directly contributes to the income of women, persons with disabilities, and small-scale farmers, ensuring sustainable work opportunities and developing communities. Their aim is to ensure visibility for communities often overlooked and to preserve Palestine’s artisanal heritage in a sustainable manner. Sunbula hopes to revitalize an endangered heritage through teaching the younger generations the rich artisanal history of their ancestors, preserving a slowly forgotten culture of creation.

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